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Tips for a Comfortable Long Drive With Kids

Everything is set.  You are about to hit the road with your spouse and kids and the travel will take longer than  usual.  Now, the real problem is the fact that your kids  get bored easily and you know that they cannot take staying in your car for more than 30 minutes without having tantrums, complaining  or asking the impossible. Remember that you can do something to lessen the stress.  You can hit the road happily and comfortably with your kids.  Below are some tips that may work for you.
Make the car look and feel comfortable.  Anticipate the possible reasons for their complaints. They may complain about the heat of the sun, about feeling too cold or warm or about not being able to sleep.  See to it that the air condition is working properly. Have your sun shades ready for un-tinted glasses.  Have small pillows, neck pillows and small blankets  ready for each of them.

Have a seat plan.  If you have kids who always argue or fight, they should sit beside each other. You can also ask them about their preferred seats.  If they opt the same seat, have an agreement that there will be a rotation, say for example every two hours.  This is not necessary if where to sit is not an issue with your kids.

Wear comfortable clothes. If they are just staying in the car during the entire trip, have them wear loose and light clothes.  If you are traveling at night, the kids can also wear pajama or sleeping outfits.  Have the jackets ready if in case you need to stop to eat or use wash rooms.
Pack healthy and favorite  snacks. This is to keep them happy and satisfied.  Avoid snacks that may cause stomach upset.  It is better if you have a cooler so that you can have water, juices and fresh fruits ready.

Let them carry a small bag.  You should allow each of your children to pack their own stuff in a small bag.  Through this, they can decide what they wish to bring.  It can be a small toy, ear phone, video game and others. It will save you from stress when you hit the road.
Plan stops. See to it that you schedule stops on your way.  Even if your child says that he does not want to get out of the car, insist.  Encourage your child to pee,  to do little walks, stretch  and to breathe some fresh air.

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